HW Eco Rug Wash

Racetrack Veterinary Services

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Horseware Eco Rug Wash is a special cleaning concentrate for washing all horse rugs, bandages, travel boots, saddle covers, dog beds, dog coats and fly veils.

The environmentally friendly formula is 100% biodegradable. Its strong, fast-acting and antibacterial formula combats stubborn stains without compromising the waterproofness of turnout rugs.

The HORSEWARE Rug Wash cleans and brightens up colours and leaves a fragrant cotton scent.

Sustainability is a top priority for this environmentally friendly series from HORSEWARE.
The ecological packaging is made from a unique RPET composition, which is made from recyclevermid materials and is recyclable after use.

Available in 500 ml, 1litre and 5litre packs.

For additional support of your HORSEWARE horse rugs, simply use the HORSEWARE Eco Rug Conditioner.