Hygain Super Amino 66

Racetrack Veterinary Services

Hygain Super Amino 66 contains 66percent protein with a unique, horse specific amino acid profile, containing all 10 essential amino acids (EAA) and increased levels of the valuable Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) that may be beneficial in the building and the repair of muscle.

This unique corrective additive is possibly the most concentrated high protein supplement ever created for horses. Super Amino 66 contains high levels of vitamins and trace minerals to assist in the development of lean muscle and strong bones and assist in enhancing recovery after work.

Super Amino 66 is the one essential supplement you need in your feed room for Performance and racing horses needing assistance with overall recovery, health, muscle growth and repair. Poorly conditioned horses.

Horses needing increased top line and muscle mass. Horses recovering from surgery or injury. Yearling preparation. Orphan and backward foals, lagging weanlings and yearlings plus poor milking mares. Lean muscle mass and strong bone building by providing good quality protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Other uses include: Contains Bonafide to support strong bones, tendons and ligaments; concentrated nutrition for horses under heavy training or needing quick recovery; show/sale preparation - when topline muscle and overall muscle condition is needed.