The Equilume Mask

The Equilume Mask

August 04, 2023

The Equilume mask is a specialised light therapy mask designed for horse breeding.

It is a non-invasive solution that can help optimize a mare's reproductive cycle and improve fertility. The mask simulates the natural longer daylight periods in the spring, which helps to stimulate early ovulation and increase the chances of successful breeding.

The Equilume mask works by using carefully calibrated blue light to suppress melatonin production in the horse's pineal gland. This simulates the longer daylight period typically experienced in the spring, tricking the mare's body into thinking that it is the breeding season. By prolonging the mare's exposure to light during the winter months, the mask can help to promote earlier ovulation and improve reproductive performance.

Benefits include:
1. Improved reproductive efficiency: The mask's light therapy can effectively advance the breeding season and help mares conceive earlier in the year, resulting in more foals born and potentially increasing the overall reproductive efficiency.

2. Reduced reliance on artificial lighting: Traditionally, artificial lighting has been used to stimulate early ovulation and control the breeding season of horses. The Equilume mask offers a more natural and cost-effective alternative to artificial lighting methods.

3. Enhanced mare welfare: The mask's light therapy mimics natural daylight patterns, which can positively impact a mare's overall well-being and reduce the stress associated with being in heat during the winter months.

4. Increased foal aging advantage: By advancing the breeding season, foals born using the Equilume mask may have a slight age advantage over their peers, as they will be born earlier in the year.

Each mare's reproductive cycle is unique, so it’s important to consult your Vet as an individualised protocols may be required.

Overall, the Equilume mask offers a scientifically backed solution for optimising mare fertility and improving the efficiency of horse breeding operations.

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