Ultrasound Scanning

Ultrasound Scanning is a non-invasive technique used for visualising and understanding the structures and function of internal tissues and organs of your horse. Ultrasound Scanning uses sound waves to produce a real time screen image of the tissues which the transducer also known as probe is applied to.

Our veterinarians will use this procedure doing the assessment and diagnosis of lameness where structures such as your horses’ tendons, ligaments, joints, and bone surfaces can be examined.

This technique will assist our veterinarians to correctly diagnose your horse's lameness and point out any areas of concern. Therefore, enabling a rehabilitation program to be correctly tailored to your horse's specific needs. 



If you are looking for equine Ultrasound Scanning on the Mornington Peninsula and Greater Melbourne areas, Racetrack Veterinary Services can offer competitive prices for individual treatment sessions and tailored rehabilitation programs.

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