Get Complete Range of Horse Vaccines

Our experienced Vets can develop a tailored vaccination programme to suit your horse. Whether you are just want to go on local trail rides or you intend to be a regular on the competition circuits, have race horses in training or a breeding operation, we can help you ensure your horse is vaccinated effectively to ensure optimal health.

Vaccination protocols vary from State to State and also Country to Country. Our Vets have many years of experience in the preparation and transportation of horses both domestically and also internationally. We work closely with transport companies to ensure all horses are appropriately vaccinated prior to their departure. Whether you are transporting a horse by road, sea or air we are up to date on the vaccination requirements.

Common Diseases that require Equine Vaccinations

  • Tetanus: Bacteria can enter through cuts and wounds in the skin
  • Strangles: Transmitted via the contact through excretions by infected animals
  • Hendra Virus: Carried by flying fruit foxes, steadily moving South towards Vic.
  • Equine Herpesvirus: Spread by contact through respiratory secretions; causes respiratory disease and poor performance.
  • Equine Influenza: Spread through drops of infected substances not endemic in Australia currently but vaccination required for export to many Countries including Hong Kong

How do our Vets Administer the Vaccine?

Be assured that our Vets and Vet Nurses are highly experienced horse people. They are well aware of their job responsibilities and animal behaviour. Being capable of handling any situation, they take the greatest care throughout the vaccination process - from refrigeration to adminstration.

  • A new and sterile 21 gauge 1.5-inch needle is used
  • Keeps needle sheathed till immediate use
  • Use medical-grade alcohol to disinfect the skin
  • Vaccinations are given intramuscularly (IM)
  • The area is massaged properly to distribute the vaccine post administration.

The horse must be allowed to rest post-vaccination as it may experience little lethargy or slight soreness. Each type of Vaccination may have particular side-effects. Our Vets will advise you of these and what you need to watch out for post-vaccination, at the time of vaccination.

Reasons to choose a Vet from RVS to Vaccinate your Horse

Racetrack Veterinary Services have always provided best-practice vaccination services.

This includes:

  • Highly qualified Vets with years of hands-on experience in horse vaccinations
  • A wide range of single and combination vaccines are available
  • Any required vaccine can always be stocked by us
  • Our Vets are always available in the unlikely event of an emergency situation
  • Our Vets are trained to provide the care required in the event of an adverse reaction
  • We can sign and stamp our clients’ vaccination books
  • Reminders and notifications can be sent before the next vaccination due date
  • Our Vets and Vet Nurses are properly equipped
  • High-quality syringes are used
  • Vaccines are double checked for expiry dates and a strict handling and refrigeration protocol is adhered to by all staff during the cold chain of transport to ensure maximum effectiveness of the vaccination
  • Excellent price for individual shots

For any horse vaccines on the Mornington Peninsula and the Greater Melbourne area, contact us. We assure complete vaccine and post-vaccine care.