Equine Blood Analysis

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Equine blood analysis is an invaluable tool to assess internal wellness of your horse.

Blood testing can be used to confirm diagnoses based on external clinical findings, to fill in the gaps where the full clinical picture is not clear from a basic clinical exam alone, as a screening test for fitness, general health & wellbeing, or to monitor response to treatment or recovery from illness. There is a wide array of blood tests available and selecting the most appropriate test and the optimal time for testing is part of the service we offer at RVS.

What Makes us Special?

We offer in-house testing as well as outsourced tests by carefully selected laboratories around Australia and around the World.

Our blood testing service includes:

  • Appropriate clinical examination before blood collection
  • Selection of appropriate tests and timing of blood collection
  • Quick and safe blood collection technique
  • Accurate labelling of all samples to avoid errors in testing and identification
  • Appropriate storage and transport of blood samples
  • Testing by selected laboratory providers
  • Teports generated and communicated at the earliest appropriate juncture
  • Meticulous and precise equine blood analys
  • Rapid formulation & initiation of treatment plan

Common Reasons for Blood Testing:

  • Weight loss
  • Inappetence
  • Fever
  • Oedema
  • Change in demeanour
  • Poor performance
  • Monitoring illness/recovery
  • Routine screening for health or competition

Common Types of Blood Tests:

  • Haematology (red blood cells & white blood cells)
  • Indicators of fitness & infection
    • Biochemistry (electrolytes, enzymes)
  • Indicators or internal health of various organs/body systems
    • Inflammatory markers (e.g. fibrinogen, serum amyloid A)
  • Highlight current or recent inflammatory processes within the body
    • Proteins (albumin & globulins)
    • Hormones (e.g. ACTH)
  • Used to test for Cushing Disease and other endocrine disorders
    • Allergens
  • Can be used to identify cause of allergic reactions

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