Horse Identification, Studbook ID, Microchipping

It is mandatory for many equestrian organisations to have your horse/s microchipped to the Australian Standard. Our veterinarians at Racetrack Veterinary Services are qualified microchip implanters and implant microchips for a wide variety of horses and their appropriate organisations. 

For your horse to be registered/ obtain horse ID passports with the following organisations, it is essential your horse is microchipped:

  • FEI (Ferderation Equestre Internationale) 
  • EA, EV (Equestrian Australia, Equestrian Victoria)
  • ASB (Australian Thoroughbred Studbook)  

The Australian Studbook requires all thoroughbred foals born from 2003 onwards to be Microchipped.

If you are not planning on competing your horse, it is still very important to microchip your horse and register their details with Central Animal Records. If for any reason your horse breaks out or gets loose, it can quickly be indentified.

In recent years, with Bush Fires and Flooding, microchipping has been an effective way of identifying horses who have been separated from their owners.