December 05, 2022

Why choose ICE-VIBE
Ice-Vibe Cold Circulation Therapy Boots tackle 3 key issues:
- Reducing Soreness and Swelling
- Helping to Boost Circulation
- Stimulating Healing
Ice-Vibe was developed to be your everyday maintenance of leg health. While Ice is in the name, they are not designed as purely ice boots. More and more research is showing that circulation is the KEY to recovery and repair of soft tissue.
Repeated icing for long periods can reduce motor skills (think showjumping after lots of icing after cross country, could you get a clear(er) round by ensuring the soft tissue gets lots of oxygen and nutrients to recover rather than just icing which reduces blood flow (and in our horse's delicate legs, this takes quite some time to return to normal, the opposite of icing big muscle groups with lots of capillaries to bring blood back).
Use your Ice-Vibes before exercise with NO cold packs to warm legs up, use after exercise with the cold packs for cooling while maintaining blood flow to remove swelling, bruising and to bring oxygen and nutrients in for the cells and tissue.
How to maximise use from Ice-Vibe:
Ice-vibe boots use a neoprene outer with elasticated inner pockets for the vibration panels, soft binding secure Velcro fastenings to prevent slipping.
Contoured to fit the lower leg, Ice-Vibe boots can be used on both the front and hind legs. Easy to use, first wrap the cold packs around the leg, then place the boots on top. Ensure your vibration panels are in the preferred pocket if you wish to target a specific area and always flat side of the panel to the horse’s leg.
Prepare using only vibration (above Image)
Leg after using panels only with ICE-VIBE boot. Ready for exercise.
After using ice pack and vibration therapy (below image)
Tendon after using ice pack and vibration with ICE-VIBE boot. Leg is significantly cooler.
Which setting should I use?

Ice-Vibe is set at the optimum setting for different treatments

Level 1 - Treatment of soreness and swelling. Use with or without cold packs.

Level 2 - Boosts circulation with or without cold pack. Can be used to prepare leg for exercise.

Level 3 - Strongest setting cold therapy after exercise to repair wear and tear.