Goodbye Flys 6in1 Grooming Spray

Racetrack Veterinary Services

Goodbye Flys 6in1 Grooming Spray is completely organic, smells divine and is so useful for a whole lot of reasons.

A Grooming Spray that helps protect your horse from fly attacks and provides beautiful coat shine.

Water based product made with 100% Organically Grown Plant Extract oils. All ingredients are bought from Suppliers that are certified by Ecocert one of the largest stringent certifying bodies.

All ingredients are compliant with FEI Competition Rules.

GoodBye Flys Show Shine combines Six Grooming Aids:

  • Brings shine to the coat, conditioning as it does.
  • Great to use on sensitive skin horses.
  • It moisturises and soothes the Skin.
  • It helps with Hair Growth.
  • Midges, Feather Mites and Horse Flies don’t like it.
  • Daily use makes Clipping effortless.

Made by people that care.

For best results, apply daily for 7 days, and then top up after a wash when almost, if not fully, dry.