Goodbye Flys Horse Shampoo

Racetrack Veterinary Services

Great new grooming products and that can be your alternative to fly repellents!  

Organic ingredients – nurture and protect whilst preserving and maintaining your horse’s and dog’s skin and coat condition. All year round! 

Organic Horse Shampoo  

  • Helps protect your horse from fly attacks.
  • Aids calmness to itchy skin
  • Helps to gently remove flaky skin
  • Works great on grey, white and coloured horses too!
  • Use on your saddle pads also
  • Pair with the Goodbye Flys Show Shine Spray/Fly repellant
  • Can perfect for washing your horse-wear like saddle pads! 

All Goodbye Flys solutions are made from Organic ingredients. 

All ingredients are bought from Suppliers that are certified by Cosmos and Ecocert – one of the largest stringent certifying bodies. 

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts, obtained through expression or steam distillation of flowers, bark, leaves, fruits and roots. The easiest essential oil to see, is the pure essential oil that comes out of orange peel when you squeeze.

All ingredients are compliant with FEI Competition Rules and the product has a 12 month shelf life.