Melolin Sterile Guaze Pad

Racetrack Veterinary Services

Melolin consists of a highly absorbent cotton and polyester fibre pad with a hydrophobic backing layer which is heat bonded on one side to a very thin perforated polyester film. The film side of the dressing is placed next to the wound.

Melolin consists of three layers
1 Low adherent perforated film
2 Highly absorbent cotton/polyester pad
3 Hydrophobic backing layer

Available in 10cm x 20cm sterile pads

Low adherent perforated film

Allows for rapid drainage of exudate, reducing trauma to healing tissue.
Highly absorbent cotton/polyester pad
Patient Comfort

Cushions and Protects
Comfortable and minimises pain on removal
Easy to cut to shape

Retains its integrity when cut.
Safe in use

Inert and non-sensitising
Delays time to strike through

Significant improvement in terms of strike through, therefore requiring fewer dressing changes.

Melolin is suitable for post-operative and casualty use, in particular for light to moderately exuding wounds, including:

Clean and sutured wounds
Abrasions and lacerations
Minor burns