Strategy-T Wormer Paste Stable Pail x 60 Tubes

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Strategy-T Wormer Paste  Stable Pail x 60 Tubes

Suitable for: Horses as part of a regular parasite control program.

Founded in 1968 by a veterinarian by the name of Pierre-Richard Dick, Virbac is dedicated exclusively to animal health, formulating a range of veterinary pharmaceuticals, vaccines and a wide range of pet care products for horses, dogs and cats.

Strategy-T is a broad-spectrum worming paste for horses that is effective against all susceptible internal parasites, including tapeworms, benzimidazole-resistant small strongyles and mectin-resistant ascarids. This wormer combines two active compounds, Oxfendazole and Pyrantel, to result in superior protection against all the major equine worms. For a full list of parasites covered, please see below.

  • Broad-spectrum worming paste for horses, including tapeworms
  • Combines two active compounds for superior protection
  • Palatable vanilla flavoured paste
  • Safe to use in all horses, including foals, pregnant mares and breeding stallions
  • Made in Australia

Directions for use: Administer orally at the recommended dose of 1mL / 20kg bodyweight. Each weight marking on the plunger will deliver 5mL of paste, which is sufficient to treat 100kg body weight. Insert the syringe into the side of the horses mouth in the gap between the front and back teeth. Advance the plunger as far as it will go, press the plunger to the chosen dosage, depositing the medication on the rear of the tongue. Immediately raise the horse’s head for a few seconds after dosing to ensure the full dose has been swallowed. Each syringe treats a horse up to 700kg.

Strategy-T is effective in treating all major internal parasites in horses including:

  • Large strongyles (Strongylus spp, Triodontophorus spp.)
  • Small strongyles including benzimidazole resistant strains (Cyathostomum spp.,
  • Ascarids (Parascaris equorum)
  • Pinworms (Oxyuris equi)
  • Tapeworms (Anoplocephala perfoliata)

Did you know...

In combination with good pasture and herd management practices, a rotational worming strategy can help to combat the development of worm resistance to anthelminthic drugs and reduce the overall amount of worming treatments that are required. Rotational worming involves rotating the class of active ingredient in the wormer being used on an annual basis, most commonly rotating between a macrocylic lactone (mectin) product and a benzimadazole product. To determine a suitable worming strategy for your horse, talk to your equine veterinarian or call our office on 03 5975 6586 for more information.