Yellow Lotion

Racetrack Veterinary Services

Ranvet Yellow Lotion Antiseptic

Ranvet Yellow Lotion is a broad spectrum antiseptic, astringent lotion suitable for the first aid treatment of skin wounds as well as ongoing wound care. It is effective at controlling skin wound infections and also significantly reduces the formation of proud flesh. Yellow lotion contains no added pharmaceutical drugs which may contravene racing regulations.

Key Features:

  • Antiseptic, astringent wound lotion for horses
  • Helps control skin wound infections
  • Significantly reduces proud flesh formation
  • Suitable for immediate first aid treatment of cuts and abrasions or ongoing wound management
  • No added pharmaceutical drugs
  • May be used under dressings or simply applied topically to wound


Usage Instructions:

Shake bottle well before use. Flush wound of dirt and debris before applying. Soak a cotton wool pad with Yellow Lotion, apply it to the affected area and bandage. Depending on wound severity dressings may need to be changed daily. If the area is unable to be bandaged apply Yellow Lotion liberally and frequently. Consult your veterinarian for further advice if there are no signs of improvement. Use protective gloves, avoid contact with eyes and skin and avoid breathing vapour.